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AAMM Registered Public Accountant is a firm merge in 2012 between 3 firms. Since then, AAMM has served hundreds clients in multiple industry. Foods, Finances, Manufactures, Constructions, Retails and many industry more.


We provide a variety of audit services, finance and accounting, and taxation.


Audit Services

Our main service is general audit. General audit is a service  delivered in order to express our opinion on client’s financial statement, in term whether the financial statement is present fairly, in all material respects.


Finance and Accounting Services

AAMM also provides various accounting services, that consists of, and not limited to, bookkeeping, preparation of financial statement, accounting documentation, and other various of accounting services.


Taxation Services

Taxation services can be provided to company and/ or personal. This services provided to help you or your company in dealing with tax return that need to be submitted annually. We are also qualified to help you in assisting in term of tax audit or dispute in tax court.

Key Services Offered :

  • Auditing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Company and Personal Taxation


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Audit Question & Answer

Why do we need this kind of service?

General audit of financial statement is a regular process in a company with GCG culture. Audited financial statement expected to give a certain level of assurances about the fairness of financial process and reporting in the company. Thus stakeholder that is not involve directly in the financial aspects of the company get a professional and independent view regarding of that matters.

How much do the service cost us?

As a professional we are providing our service with the best consideration to your business. In charging our service, we do consider every aspect of the business and its complexity of service. But rest assure that we make sure that resources you spent for our service are efficient and yet effective.

How long will the process of the audit take?

Audit is a long and complex process. There are certain procedures that we should follow in order to finish the audit. Observation, calculations and many other methods are need to be performed against the data and documentation of the company. Therefore, our audit process will depend on how fast and complete the documents and data are given to us. The faster it’s given, then the faster the audit will be completed.

Where will the audit take place?

To fasten the process, audit will take place at the clients office. When it is felt that a large number of audit procedures are declared complete, then the audit process will be continued in our office.

Latest News about audit, accountings and taxes


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